Join us January 26 with guest Emmanuel Dagher

Join your hosts Lu Emanueemmanuell and Susan Bame Hoover on Saturday at 11:00 eastern as we sit in the talking circle with special guest Emmanuel Dagher.

Emmanuel Dagher’s deep desire to help others was magnified when he was diagnosed with a 29.5 degree curvature of the spine (Scoliosis) at the age of 11. The doctors basically said that he’d be living with pain for the rest of his life with surgery or without, and that he would never heal.

He began to realize that in order to heal physically, he first needed to understand himself as a Spiritual being. As he continued to delve deeper into his inner spiritual & healing journey, he began to notice many people around him spontaneously heal. He soon realized that with all the inner work he was doing, he was dissolving the veils that kept him from seeing others & himself as Divine Spiritual Omni Beings. As soon as he was able to gain this perspective, rapid healings began to unfold in his life & in the lives of others.

The turning point was when Emmanuel witnessed the healing of his own spine manifest gradually as a result of working with healing & spiritual principles. He used this life-changing experience as a catalyst to co-create amazing transformation in the lives of others. Not only did he have the knowledge of how to heal, he also developed a powerful inner-knowing that it’s absolutely possible to heal. In fact, this knowingness instantly surpassed all faith and belief he had in healing up to that point, which he believes is a major contributer to the success he continues to witness for his clients.

Emmanuel looks at this sacred opportunity to serve others as one of the most precious gifts in the Universe, and is humbled to be open and willing enough to allow the Universe to use him as an instrument of healing & transformation.

Emmanuel will be sharing his understanding of personal empowerment and the creation of miraculous experiences as he joins us in the talking circle. You can also join us by calling 424-220-1870 to ask a question or to share your perspective.

Saturday promises to be a very special day as we hear the wisdom of this remarkable young man. Please join us.


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