3/16/13: guest Lu Emanuel returns!

Lu Emanuel, who is usually the co-host of Talking Stick Radio, will also be the guest speaker, discussing teaching children to become independent and joyful life-long learners.  Lu Emanuel will discuss the practical how to’s of empowering your child to become a confident life-long learner, whether in school or as a homeschooler.

Lu Emanuel taught children of all ages and ability levels for twenty years, in Montreal, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and in Pennsylvania, focusing on children with learning disabilities who were not able to learn easily in a traditional classroom.

Lu has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and focused in her Masters’ work on the design of educational systems and learning environments. Lu has researched and designed learning environments that honour children’s innate ability to learn and has taught in a variety of alternative learning environments for school age children, including the homeschool system, which enables parents to create the space for their children to learn where they live.

Lu has many passions and interests in the New Earth which we are co-creating; one of those is the creation of learning environments that serve the children who now populate our planet, and it is this which Lu will explore on Talking Stick Radio.

If you would like to call in to the show and ask a question or share your viewpoint and ideas live on the air, call us during the show at 424-220-1870.

For those of you who already know about Talking Stick Radio, this show will be one of a series that explores ways that we can empower children to become independent learners and discerning explorers of their emerging reality.


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