3/23/13: join us with guest Marisa Calvi!

Marisa- I have been on a long journey of questions. This started as a young child where I questioned everything from why people behave the way they do to wondering how a pen works. This has led me to find answers to where I fit in within the world while losing several of those tiny springs within biros along the way.

There has been a great joy in now knowing and owning that I have all the answers and am complete within myself. For my middle aged single female aspect, there is also great relief within this.

 I now have a great fun with life- working part time in a supermarket to pay for stuff, and writing for the joy of being creative and expressive. In recent years I have been joined by the energy of Ascended Master Kuthumi Lal Singh. If you have not heard of him, just picture a dead Indian guy with a wicked sense of humour. We are a match made in heaven despite the fact that neither of us have ever been there.

 Kuthumi has shown me how simple and beautiful life can be when you set yourself free of your mind, your past and your expectations of the future.

Being in the now, loving myself, trusting my soul connection and being aware that this life is just one big crazy illusion that I create; that is my passion!

Dancing with the distractions from this passion is the fun of being human.


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