After the Show with Marisa on March 23, 2013

After the show with Marisa on March 23, 2013, I resonate with the idea that what we experience physically is an illusion and is our human creation. We can let go of all of our experiences after we’ve had them. For me, I had the sense earlier this morning while walking that it is all just stories, and even my being aware of the fact that it is stories is part of my story.

Marisa feels that freeing ourselves of expectations about where and how and what we should be is very liberating. Because being bound by those expectations takes us out of self-love and into judgement.

What we are doing is always perfect, says Marisa. I keep saying, “I’m always where I should be, as I should be.”

Kuthumi had told Marisa that this moment is as good as it gets and that is a HUGE reminder to me always to not judge my experiences as good or bad. I came here for experience, experience of all kinds.

Acceptance, gratitude, appreciation of the Now is just really loving. It is also the divinity within us making itself felt as these attributes of acceptance, gratitude, appreciation, are attributes of the divine.

Marisa brought out the idea that “I need to change myself or the situation because something’s wrong.” And just seeing how there is judgement in that idea. So change it to “I love myself and my experience and then I move forward into the next experience of myself and the world.” And this is a real challenge for many of the people whom Marisa works with and speaks with. And it is a real challenge for me as well. I seem to have chosen, in this lifetime, to struggle a bit, to grapple a bit, with the ideas and feelings around wanting and desire.

One of the things that Marisa said that really rang bells for me was that health and abundance are the biggest triggers that we give ourselves to take ourselves out of love, acceptance and trust. I suddenly realized as I listened to her during the show that when we are able to stay in our love, acceptance and trust, that those triggers will disappear. Triggers are our own creations, our way of growing forward into being the love embodied and expressed that we have come here to be. Triggers are the places where we need to grow into the ability to love. Jamye Price said something very similar when she was on our show, during her first visit. She said that we bring love to places where there was no love before. I thought that was a beautiful image at the time, and I feel that I understand it even better now after hearing what Marisa had to say.

Marisa did also say that when we feel we are finished being triggered by something, it will try again to trigger us, will come back hard to test us. That is our own self making sure that we have accomplished what we had chosen to accomplish. Have I really brought love and acceptance to this aspect of my humanity? Now, I see my recent struggles with the integration of my divinity within my humanity in a new light.

One trigger for me is the phrase “I have to…” because I tend to fill my days with that. Marisa says, “No, I don’t. I’m God also.” And she uses this marvelous idea of saying, “Is this pattern really larger and more powerful than God?”

Is this pattern of fearing lack actually larger and more powerful than the divine I AM? I think not.

Susan brought in a beautiful image that the world supports her. Her office, her car, her dog, her home, all of these externalizations of her being support her in a loving way. The world supports me.

And finally, Marisa spoke of theself as Creator in a casual way that charmed me. “I created this. All of it. I created it. When I’m done with it, I’ll create something else.”

I tend toward feelings of entrapment in my humanity and that sense of freedom, of being the creator of my life, is a timely reminder to me that I am not trapped in my own creation; I create the feeling of being trapped and can change it in an instant.

Once again, Talking Stick Radio has blessed me this morning.


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