We welcome Sherri Rosen to our Talking Circle on 4/6/13!

Talking Stick Radio is excited to announce that this week is the first week of our “taking my power back” series.  We’re inviting guests to share stories of becoming empowered, of taking their power back after discovering they’d given their power away.
We’re very excited to invite Sherri Rosen to be our guest on Saturday, April 6 at 11 AM Eastern, 10 Central.  Sherri has a great story to share about how she took her power back.  Her life now is a life of amazing flow and effortless synchronicity.
Sherri Rosen has her own publicity firm for 13 years dedicated to Inspirational Publicity.

She works with people all over the world who are making this world a better place.  She writes her own weekly blog Redhead’s Rap and she also writes for Elephant Journal and The Good Men Project.  Her new Inspirational ebook Give Me Your Truth has just won 2 book awards.

Join us live or in the archivesSherri Rosen, and feel free to call in during the show at 424-220-1870.  We’d love to hand the talking stick to you!



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