Talking Stick Radio 4/13/13 with guest Lisa Singh

We’re very pleased to begin our series on “taking your power back” by having Lisa Singh join us again on April 13, 2013!

Lisa Singh

“I work with the Dayton Mediation Center because I believe in the power of others to solve their own problems. I also believe that being a mediator present in the moment of conflict provides a unique opportunity for people to see a different perspective that opens the door towards a decision — a decision that can transform everything!”

Lisa SinghLisa began as a Volunteer Mediator with the Center 15 years ago and currently is a Mediation Specialist Contractor for the Center. Lisa serves in a number of program areas including: the Elder Care Mediation Program, the Montgomery County (Ohio) Juvenile Court Visitation/Custody Program, the Community Impact Panel Program, and the Adult Victim-Offender Mediation program, along with providing facilitation services.

Lisa is a Dayton Mediation Center “Master Mediator”©, which exemplifies her more than 600 hours of theoretical and practice-based experience as a mediator Lisa has also been instrumental in developing programs and writing successful grants for the Center totaling more than $750,000 in grant awards to the Center.

She served as Program Director in 1998 for the Dayton Municipal Courts adult Victim-Offender Mediation Pilot Program which continues to be an active Center program. She also worked as a Contractor and Case Manager for the Montgomery County (Ohio) Juvenile Court Visitation/Custody program. Lisa has been trained by the National Institute of Corrections and the Balanced and Restorative Justice Program as a Trainer of Restorative Justice. During her time at the Center she has also been instrumental in developing continuing education training programs to enhance the skills of Center volunteer mediators.

Lisa worked with Tom Wahlrab and the Ohio Commission for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management to start the Ohio Community Mediation Association. Lisa also provided support and assistance to the Center and Commission to introduce the Uniform Mediation Act to mediators across the State of Ohio. Lisa studied for her Bachelor’s in Psychology at University of Illinois and took continuing education through Antioch University McGregor’s Intercultural Communication program.

Lisa has a number of advanced training certifications through the Ohio Supreme Court, the Nebraska Community Mediation Association, and the Association for Conflict Resolution. Lisa worked as the Regional Director of the Center for Conflict Resolution in Nebraska. Lisa works independently as a professional trainer and consultant specializing in Intercultural Communication, facilitation, and conflict resolution. Lisa is also a professional facilitator leading teams in creative problem solving in a facilitated environment.

She works with Idea Connection to help provide creative, innovative solutions to clients, including Fortune 500 companies.   Recently, Lisa is working with a women’s circle that welcomes women coming out of prison to a community of support.

To contact Lisa for more information, please email her at lisa.j.singh@gmail.comlisa singh


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