Talking Stick Radio welcomes Virgil Mayor Apostol

Virgil Mayor Apostol comes from a maternal and paternal line of healers, and has dedicated himself to the research, development, and promotion of Filipino cultural and healing traditions. He holds a private healing practice where he offers a traditional form of manual therapy called Ablon, and Aglupos, which is a form of bioenergetic healing. He is an instructor in the Filipino martial arts and Jori – wooden club swinging practices from India, both which he uses as forms of physical rehab.

Apostol earned a Bachelor in Business Administration, and has attained certifications in Oriental Bodywork Therapy and in Holistic Health. His book, “Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions” was released by North Atlantic Books in 2010, and is now in second print. He also co-authored an earlier book titled, “Healing Hands of Hilot” back in 1997. He conducts workshops on Ablon, and participates at various speaking engagements. More about Apostol can be found on his website,

Following along with our current Talking Stick Radio theme of “taking your power back from large systems,” we’ll invite Virgil to share about how he took his power back from religion.  We invite listeners to call in and share your own experiences in taking your power back from large systems at 424-220-1870.


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