After the show with Matt Kahn, August 3, 2013

First of all, the energy was amazing and really, the energy conveyed so much. The words are a sort of extra thing.

Matt answered my question about empowering himself to become the divine essence embodied as he is by saying that he always felt connected and guided, from a very young age. But he also said that when he realized that those Ascended Masters that were guiding him and he, the one being guided, were one, then he realized himself as the living embodiment of that divine essence that is love.

He began to see everybody else in the world around him as an opportunity to offer blessings. And he grew in his divinity by what he chose to offer to them. So, all that he offered to them as blessings became his experience and his blessing also.

He began to make always the choice to demonstrate and express his highest virtue, which was and is love. And he realized that all hearts are touched by every breath. It is instantaneous and effortless. It is the divine that we ARE, radiating outward from us.

I believe that Matt is a living example of what we are all becoming, and as such, he speaks volumes to us at this time because we are there. We are ready for his presence among us.

Matt was an empath, as so many of us are, and he was very confused in his feelings because he was feeling the emotions and energies of others and thinking that those were their feelings towards him. He found it difficult to feel connected and felt insecurity around that. He had a difficult time feeling part of the world. And many of us have had similar challenges. Eventually, he realized that nothing in this world will make him feel different about himself. Thus, he surrendered to his feeling and the misperceptions vanished. Then he was able to live as the light and the love that he is and that we are.

Now, he knows himself as no attribute, no quality, no personality, but rather as all of them. And I felt this within him as we were talking together.

He doesn’t need to give or receive information, only to give and receive love. And this is the way of the Master.

He mentioned that Aha moments are wonderful, but if you are not having Aha moments, it is because you are already there; you don’t need them. You already have realized that.

He mentioned, “I am what I am channeling.” And as one who channels also, I found that very helpful.

He also invited us to wake up from needing to use our minds so much. We don’t need to understand. We can just know whatever we know and trust that we know all when we need to know it.

“Why should I decide what I am, when there is nothing that I am not?”

Matt said a couple of other things that really resonated for me. He said,

that when you send love to yourself, you transform the cells in your body and that our willingness to love ourselves and to relax into all experience transforms the world. He said, “Don’t fight it; love it.”

He said, “This is the most loving thing I can do for myself.” Just say that before you eat something or light up a cigarette or watch a film… and your own being will guide you to that which is truly the most loving thing that you can do for yourself.

What you desire is only what expresses your highest virtue.

Set your intention and then make choices about what turns up for you that align with your intention.

Send love to your heart when your mind is active. When your mind is active, overly active, it is acting like an alarm to tell you to send love to your heart. Your heart will then open and your mind will become quiet. An open heart means a quiet mind. A loud mind is a signal to send love to your heart and center in your heart. Then your heart will open. Your mind will become quiet again. I’ll try this out and see if it works for me as a practice.

This show was a joy for us all. Listening to it will bring the benefits of Matt’s words, but even more so of Matt’s energy, which is divine. Literally divine.



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