After the Show With Marisa Calvi – August 10, 2013

We had a wide-ranging discussion today. We began with talking about taking our power back from linear time and the exigencies and imperatives of linear time.

Marisa shared the importance for her of letting go of expectations of what will be done by such and such a time. “I’ll have this much money in the bank… I’ll have this job or that career… I’ll have gotten all of these errands done by 5:00 pm…”

Susan shared by example how she feels into things, feels her physical body, how her body is feeling, her emotions too, and then speaks. “Let me feel into that…”

Susan shared also that the greatest freedom that she has experienced so far is to know “that I am.”

That got us into a discussion about freedom.

I had the insight that freedom is listening to myself and acting on that truth. Marisa was sharing when I had that insight and she was touching on that herself and helped me to realized that freedom is listening to myself.

I shared that when we state our intention to free ourself or to empower ourself… for example, “I am empowering myself to become a leader in my field” we might then have fear come up, doubt, anxiety or things might happen around us that seem to be obstacles, blocks, bad luck… And speaking for myself, I’ve always thought of these emerging doubts and fears as signs of my own weakness and inability to follow through on my intention. Because of something that I heard from the Pleiadian Collective channeled through Nora Herold ( from her August 6, 2013 teleconference, I now can see these emerging doubts and fears and obstacles as opportunities to acknowledge and learn from and send love to that within myself which has been a block in the past. As I state the intention, the fear or doubt comes up because it is there to be released. When it is acknowledged and released, then I am indeed free and able to accomplish all that I have intended to accomplish or be all that I have intended to be.

Susan shared a tradition of the Lakota people of North America that says that the greatest warrior does no harm. He carries not a weapon, but a coup stick, which is a weapon transformed into a work of art as a long stick with a curved front so that it cannot harm the other. His greatest achievement is to touch his opponent with this stick without himself being harmed. Susan believes that we are coming to a time when there is no more war.

We all agreed that we are, as a collective, all of humanity, opening up to freedom and acknowledging and releasing all the blocks and barriers to freedom that still exist both within us and in our societies.

Marisa shared her view that liberation is here, but that people do not know what to do with it.

Freedom comes when we take responsibility   for our own actions and for our own experiences. Marisa shared about this, as did Susan.

The ultimate freedom for all of us, is to acknowledge and know that I am God also. We could have spoken more of this, but our time was up.

I have to say that it was wonderful talking to Marisa. She is in the process of putting the finishing touches on her latest book, written with the help of Master Kuthumi, whom she channels and draws a great deal of guidance and wisdom from. Marisa’s website, very nicely laid out and informative, is

You are God also.



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