After the Show with Lisa McTavis – August 17, 2013

We began with Susan expressing how important it was for her lately to allow herself the time to do what she needed to do and chose to do. I concur heartily with that. Lisa gave a beautiful quotable line: “We are all the caretakers of our own well-being.”

Lisa shared with us that the book she has written really came from her Higher Self and she just followed along.

It begins with the idea that we’ve all been taught a huge lie that has been a part of our lives: everything good and worthwhile is outside of us. Absolutely not. It is actually totally the opposite of that: Everything that is good and worthwhile for us is within.

So the work is to get through the illusions and Lisa’s book can really help people to do that. A lot of the exercises in the book came from Lisa’s own experience working with herself and with clients. And this means that these are tried and tested exercises. Lisa’s advice about doing the exercises is to go slow and really apply the lessons and exercises to your life. She said, “They are simple, but there’s nothing about them that’s easy.”

Mistakes that we all make are part of the process of being alive. So we grow from our mistakes. We often hold unconscious fear about making mistakes… maybe I’ll lose… love, security, approval… a friend, etc.

We need to free ourselves from these unconscious fears.

Susan asked, “How do we love ourselves?” mentioning that it is a question that comes up fairly regularly on the Crimson Circle message board ( under the Community tab).

Lisa’s answer was that you break through the judgements and criticism by asking yourself, “How helpful is this?” And as you see that it isn’t actually realistic or helpful, you just let them go.

We realize that no one can do it for you; you are the only one who can actually give yourself love in any meaningful way.

Lisa said something profound again at the end of the show: “All that I need is me.” And it is only when we come to this point that we can truly feel safe, because we then do not need to rely on anyone else to affirm us, justify us, validate us…

Lisa’s book can be found at:

direct link at Balboa:
Amazon hard cover copy:

Amazon Kindle edition:




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