There are some MASSIVE changes going on at Talking Stick Radio, and in the world at large.  I’ve chosen a new blog theme, taken new pictures, I’m going in a new direction with the show and with my life in general, EVERYTHING is changing with me from the cellular level out, and this is simply one of the ways I’m seeing it made manifest in my daily life.

Last night I stopped in Winnebago, Nebraska, on the way home, and took some pictures at the Statue Garden, some of which will show up on various pages around the blog from time to time.  It was getting dark; I did what I could and drove home.

This afternoon I stopped again at the Statue Garden and took a few more pictures while the sun was blazing.  The Statue Garden, by the way, is located in the new section of Winnebago and is the “heart” of the new area.  It’s a circle of twelve statues, each statue representing one of the twelve Ho-Chunk clans.  At the east gate, stationed behind the Thunder Clan statue, there rises a great statue of a man with an eagle descending upon him.  Currently that Eagle Man is the picture that’s set at the background and at the top of the blog.

I took the talking stick around to various places to get the right mix of sun and contrast, sun and grass, sun and grass and talking stick, sun, talking stick and cedar, sun and statue, sun, statue and talking stick…and when I was finished taking pictures, I walked back to the car.

Opening the door, there, on the threshold of my front driver’s side door lay a wrapper — what?  What’s this?  I hadn’t dropped anything…

I picked it up.  It was the wrapper of tobacco rolling papers.

I hadn’t touched my tobacco in months.

tobacco Just how did it get there?  Then?

I’d been out walking around the circle taking pictures…my dog was the only one in the car…I keep a pouch of loose tobacco for ceremonial purposes in my car…the pouch of loose tobacco was way at the bottom of the driver’s side “door pocket”…this must have popped off the outside of the wrapper and landed on the threshold just then.

Hmm.  Tobacco.  Recalibrating everything.

I had forgotten the tobacco.

I wrapped up my camera and put it away, pulled the pouch of tobacco from its resting spot way down at the bottom of the door pocket, got back out of the car, and headed back toward the big Eagle Man statue.  I put some tobacco in my hand and felt gratitude for this reminder from the spirit world…for the reminder that this little internet radio show I’ve got going is bigger than me…gratitude that the spirit world is interested in my comings and goings…gratitude that I have the support of the twelve clans, and that they’re watching me, and watching out for me…gratitude for walking, gratitude for breathing, gratitude for being on the earth, gratitude for the sunny day, gratitude that I can do what I do…gratitude for all of it.

I sprinkled a little tobacco at the bottom of that statue, then went back out to the Thunder Clan man and sprinkled a little there, and all the way around the circle, honoring each one of the twelve clan statues with a little bit of tobacco and my gratitude.

I returned to the Eagle Man statue and put the last little bit of tobacco there, in gratitude.

And amazement.

The spirit world is working with this Recalibration, and with me, and with all that is coming next.  I have no clue what that is.  All I know is that change needed to be, I am willing to bring the change into my be-ing-ness, and I needed to remember the tobacco.

So I did.

And thus starts the Recalibration.

With gratitude and thanks, with breathing and connecting with the earth, and with a little reminder that Spirit Is Watching and Listening.

Yes, indeed.

As the Ho-Chunks would say, Pinagigi.  Thank You.


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