Talking Stick Radio for 9/21/13: Clearing…changing…gone!


Clearing.  Changing.  What was once Major in our lives…is now…suddenly…gone.

And the amazing thing?  We can hardly remember it was even *there*.  It’s not that we don’t miss it anymore…it’s that we can’t even remember it anymore!

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I talked about the symbolism of the tree, being this “big huge thing” at the park next to my house for so long, this five-foot-diameter, 100-foot-tall tree that “has always been there” in my life for the past ten years.  And now, it is not.  And, what’s more…what will take its place?  We’re down to bare ground now that’s been filled in and it looks like *nothing* was ever there.

What will take its place indeed.  Will weeds come in and be allowed to grow?  Will it be seeded over and grass will grow next spring?  Will the village groundskeepers plant a new tree in its place?  Will they put in a flower garden?  What will it be?

This is very symbolic to me.  What was once huge and *very there* is no longer.

I see this metaphorically in terms of systems, big systems that are gargantuan and that we expect them to be there, to be there and take care of us, things like “the health care system” or “the welfare system” or “social security” or “religion” or “the court system”, “prison system,” “justice system,” “education system,” “system of domination and control,” what have you.

The police will be there and will take care of me when I call.

The firemen will be there and will take care of me when I call.

The doctor will be there and will take care of me when I call.

What happens next…when it’s like those big systems are not there, and never were?

What takes their place, when these hierarchical systems disappear without a trace?

What I propose:  a model of collaboration and cooperation, intentionally designed, so that all possible needs are anticipated and addressed, preventing conflict before it even happens.

I propose a system of I’m doing what I love because I love to do it, and I work with people who are doing what they love because they love to do it.  I am empowered and living my truth and living my bliss because I love to do that, and I work with other people who are similarly living from their own sovereign power.

In a scenario like that, what would be the need for government?  Government would act as a facilitator.  Government would find out what people love to do, what people’s strengths are, and would put people loving to do what they love to do…where they are needed.

So the first need we have:  designing the collaborative system to address all of the needs.

Next:  empowering people to be the best person they can be in the moment.

Last:  matching the strengths with the needs.

This, then, requires a different concept of teamwork.

Up until now, we’ve thought of “teamwork” as “I join the group mindset.”  It’s like a tribe, or a commune, or a group of people who join together in a club or organization, a fraternity or sorority, or a workplace:  you have to be one of us.  You have to think like us.  You have to re-orient your Self in order to be one of us.  You have to tweak yourself a little here, add a little something-something to yourself over there…ah, now, there, that’s better.  Now you fit us.

I say this:  the new way of teamwork will be more along this line:  I am Who I Am, fully, to the greatest degree possible, and I bring all of my wisdom, knowledge, expertise, uniqueness, quirkiness, originality, fun, joy, experience, curiosity, expression, talents, skills, passion, excitement — all of that — to the table with me.  I am whole and complete in this now moment and I am able to fully express that wholeness and completeness.  I’m not trying to be anybody else, just me.  I bring my very own uniqueness here, and I express it fully.  And I wish for everybody else on my team, in my tribe, in my workplace, my club, my organization, my group of friends, to be nothing less than the whole of who they are, too!  I want everybody I interact with to bring their whole entire being to the table with them — and I want to work with them and enjoy myself doing what I love, and enjoy them doing what they love, and work…will be play!

I have actually seen this happen, rarely, during the family team meetings I facilitate.  And when I see it happen, it is always magical.  Answers that seemed so far away, so impossible to find — just float in like magic.  The right connections get made effortlessly.  This is synergy.

Things happen synchronistically, like what happened in my life yesterday — the vital piece of paperwork that we didn’t know we needed, arrived on the desk of the exact person who needed it, yesterday morning, just in time for the meeting!  If we had scheduled our meeting any sooner we wouldn’t have had it, and the person upon whose desk it arrived didn’t even know why she received it.  The right guy happened along at just the right time, found that vital piece of paperwork, and voila.  Perfect timing.

When people are working from their place of fun and enjoyment and excitement and passion, things like this — miracles — happen all the time. 

That’s the world I want to live in.  That’s the world I want to work in.

Further, I suggest that people take a serious look at the original pre-white-contact Winnebago 12-clan design.  It’s an elegant model of community collaborative, cooperative design.  I talked about the original 12 clans on the show and described some of their duties and functions and responsibilities.  As we think about what could happen as hierarchies end and it seems like *they were never even here!* — this will give us some ideas to work with to create what’s coming next.

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