After The Show October 12/13 with Marisa Calvi

It was so much fun having Marisa back on Talking Stick Radio last night!  Click this link to be taken directly to the show.  I so loved hearing Marisa talk about her experience writing each of the books, and how each book and each experience and each expression of Kuthumi has been so different.  I was so glad she talked about Pythagoras and how writing the book with him was all about the mind, how sometimes she’d sit down to write and nothing would come, and it would be like he was saying “no, not today, not in the mood.”  That’s very reassuring to me and now I realize that that’s who I’ve been channeling all along, hoping for their help writing my books:  I’ve been channeling the spooks who EVERY day show up and say “nope, not today, not in the mood.”  Well, come ON, guys.

Maybe they’ve all been on silent vipassana meditation for more than ten days — maybe more like ten years.

Maybe I need to find different guys…hmmm…not-so-silent guys…

But I digress.

I loved hearing Marisa talk about how thoroughly she got distracted, once she started the book she most wanted to write, the story of the three wise men, how she had to go traveling here and there, and then work more to make more money to pay for all the travel, which made her then too tired to write…what an amazing creation.

The story of how she confronted the distraction with Norma’s help is also amazing and helpful to hear, and I’ll invite anyone reading this to listen to Marisa tell that story on the show.  What came up for Marisa and why she was distracting herself so successfully while not writing the book was that she was one of the characters in the book, and that character had unfinished business with Kuthumi.  There was still work for Marisa to do with that aspect of herself.  That very wounded part of herself, she was successfully keeping at bay.

Then I talked about integrating a powerful aspect last Friday evening while a tornado went through eastern Nebraska.  I talked about it on my show last week, and if readers would like to listen to that show, it’s here.  Marisa talked about integrating aspects, telling them “Thank you, but here we are now, and this is how we’re choosing to experience it now.”  And I can tell myself now, “I’m safe from everything that could possibly affect me in this experience.”

What I really wanted to talk with Marisa about was that huge aspect that’s been dominating my life in a big way for the past ten or so years:  I refuse to deal with numbers, money, invoices, bookkeeping, anything along those lines.  This is not a good thing because I run my own business!  When it’s time to do those things SO MUCH resistance comes up.  What GIVES?!

Marisa talked about how habitual the patterns have become, about breaking the patterns, and about being in the moment and being present.  Is it serving me to resist numbers?  Do I want that aspect to continue running my life?  Is that my choice?

Marisa took a few questions from listeners, one about how she started channeling Kuthumi, and she told the whole story about Kuthumi coming to her and saying “Let’s go for a walk” and she said “Yes.”  She never doubted her connection with Kuthumi because she could feel it.

Norma & Garrett encouraged Marisa at the very beginning to channel herself.  I asked Marisa how she channeled herself, how she started.  It’s the breath.  Connecting with the breath gets you beyond the mind, into the space where you can know in an instant the yes or no, because it’s “what feels right for me now.”

And I loved when Marisa shared about the lost years of Yeshua, how before he could come back as a teacher, he had to stop preaching and talking, and listen to himself and others and listen to and honor his own inner wisdom.  And it’s one thing to channel another entity; it’s also important to honor the fact that when Marisa channels Kuthumi, what comes out is “Marisa/Kuthumi”, and other Kuthumi channelers will bring their own selves and their own inner wisdom into the channeling with Kuthumi as well.

What to do about integrating aspects?  Marisa talked with a caller about integrating aspects.  No matter how overwhelming it seems, keep breathing and keep coming back to yourself.  It takes time; it’s an evolution and an expansion.

You don’t just integrate aspects, you also create aspects — and now they’re created in a balanced space, not only as the result of a traumatic experience.  The choice we have now:  how am I going to experience that beautiful, never-ending experience of creating and integrating aspects?

Listening to Marisa’s perspective about “who was this person in the book?” — who was I in this book, who was my past life, was expansive. And also Marisa will not get into questions when channeling Kuthumi in private sessions about where the person should live, because Kuthumi gets her in trouble when she does that!

Aspect integration is not about going out there and struggling and feeling overwhelmed with all the aspects that are trying to be in control:  it’s as simple as giving yourself time to breathe.  It’s about “I really choose to be here and dive into the experience.”  Take the time to breathe and say “I don’t just want to be here; I want to be here as grand as I can be.  I can choose to be here and be aware.”  And to our aspects we can say “Come and join the party and let’s have fun now.”

Thanks so much to Marisa for speaking about her experience of integrating that aspect that didn’t want her to finish the book until it received the proper attention from her.  Hearing about her experience was very helpful to me and gives me great perspective on what’s going on with some of my own resistant behavior — and no doubt, the resistant behavior I see in others in the meetings I hold.

To find Marisa’s books or contact her for a session, go to her website:

Until next time!


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