After The Show October 12/13 with Marisa Calvi

It was so much fun having Marisa back on Talking Stick Radio last night!  Click this link to be taken directly to the show.  I so loved hearing Marisa talk about her experience writing each of the books, and how each book and each experience and each expression of Kuthumi has been so different.  I was so glad she talked about Pythagoras and how writing the book with him was all about the mind, how sometimes she’d sit down to write and nothing would come, and it would be like he was saying “no, not today, not in the mood.”  That’s very reassuring to me and now I realize that that’s who I’ve been channeling all along, hoping for their help writing my books:  I’ve been channeling the spooks who EVERY day show up and say “nope, not today, not in the mood.”  Well, come ON, guys.

Maybe they’ve all been on silent vipassana meditation for more than ten days — maybe more like ten years.

Maybe I need to find different guys…hmmm…not-so-silent guys…

But I digress.

I loved hearing Marisa talk about how thoroughly she got distracted, once she started the book she most wanted to write, the story of the three wise men, how she had to go traveling here and there, and then work more to make more money to pay for all the travel, which made her then too tired to write…what an amazing creation.

The story of how she confronted the distraction with Norma’s help is also amazing and helpful to hear, and I’ll invite anyone reading this to listen to Marisa tell that story on the show.  What came up for Marisa and why she was distracting herself so successfully while not writing the book was that she was one of the characters in the book, and that character had unfinished business with Kuthumi.  There was still work for Marisa to do with that aspect of herself.  That very wounded part of herself, she was successfully keeping at bay.

Then I talked about integrating a powerful aspect last Friday evening while a tornado went through eastern Nebraska.  I talked about it on my show last week, and if readers would like to listen to that show, it’s here.  Marisa talked about integrating aspects, telling them “Thank you, but here we are now, and this is how we’re choosing to experience it now.”  And I can tell myself now, “I’m safe from everything that could possibly affect me in this experience.”

What I really wanted to talk with Marisa about was that huge aspect that’s been dominating my life in a big way for the past ten or so years:  I refuse to deal with numbers, money, invoices, bookkeeping, anything along those lines.  This is not a good thing because I run my own business!  When it’s time to do those things SO MUCH resistance comes up.  What GIVES?!

Marisa talked about how habitual the patterns have become, about breaking the patterns, and about being in the moment and being present.  Is it serving me to resist numbers?  Do I want that aspect to continue running my life?  Is that my choice?

Marisa took a few questions from listeners, one about how she started channeling Kuthumi, and she told the whole story about Kuthumi coming to her and saying “Let’s go for a walk” and she said “Yes.”  She never doubted her connection with Kuthumi because she could feel it.

Norma & Garrett encouraged Marisa at the very beginning to channel herself.  I asked Marisa how she channeled herself, how she started.  It’s the breath.  Connecting with the breath gets you beyond the mind, into the space where you can know in an instant the yes or no, because it’s “what feels right for me now.”

And I loved when Marisa shared about the lost years of Yeshua, how before he could come back as a teacher, he had to stop preaching and talking, and listen to himself and others and listen to and honor his own inner wisdom.  And it’s one thing to channel another entity; it’s also important to honor the fact that when Marisa channels Kuthumi, what comes out is “Marisa/Kuthumi”, and other Kuthumi channelers will bring their own selves and their own inner wisdom into the channeling with Kuthumi as well.

What to do about integrating aspects?  Marisa talked with a caller about integrating aspects.  No matter how overwhelming it seems, keep breathing and keep coming back to yourself.  It takes time; it’s an evolution and an expansion.

You don’t just integrate aspects, you also create aspects — and now they’re created in a balanced space, not only as the result of a traumatic experience.  The choice we have now:  how am I going to experience that beautiful, never-ending experience of creating and integrating aspects?

Listening to Marisa’s perspective about “who was this person in the book?” — who was I in this book, who was my past life, was expansive. And also Marisa will not get into questions when channeling Kuthumi in private sessions about where the person should live, because Kuthumi gets her in trouble when she does that!

Aspect integration is not about going out there and struggling and feeling overwhelmed with all the aspects that are trying to be in control:  it’s as simple as giving yourself time to breathe.  It’s about “I really choose to be here and dive into the experience.”  Take the time to breathe and say “I don’t just want to be here; I want to be here as grand as I can be.  I can choose to be here and be aware.”  And to our aspects we can say “Come and join the party and let’s have fun now.”

Thanks so much to Marisa for speaking about her experience of integrating that aspect that didn’t want her to finish the book until it received the proper attention from her.  Hearing about her experience was very helpful to me and gives me great perspective on what’s going on with some of my own resistant behavior — and no doubt, the resistant behavior I see in others in the meetings I hold.

To find Marisa’s books or contact her for a session, go to her website:

Until next time!


After The Show With Brenda


Update from last week’s show:  we now have The New in our world!

Last week I talked about the huge tree that was taken down in my little town, so near where I live, and how they’d cleared the space to look like it wasn’t there and had never even *been* there; I wondered what would come next.  Would there be a new tree planted?  Would it be left bare?  Would it be left as a place for weeds to grow?

I got my answer yesterday, and took a picture of this sweet little newly-planted tree that might be a cottonwood tree; its leaves are heart-shaped.

So “The New” is here and planted already where the old was just removed, and it seemed like a pretty effortless transition.  There is no sign of what was once there, that 100-foot-tall tree with the trunk at least 5 feet in diameter at the base.  What a great metaphor.

And Kona has peed on it twice now, officially baptizing it.  So all is well.

Other stuff I noticed from this past week:  snakes; a snake theme — and snakes symbolize transformation and transition.  This morning it was misty, cloudy, overcast, very cool, had just rained a little, and seemed fresh, cleared, and kind of open, receptive and “expectant.”  It seems winter is coming early.  What came to me this morning was that we’re all in this together; look for pleasant surprises; expect the unexpected; don’t assume tomorrow will be like yesterday, or that this season or this year will be like last season or last year.  Predictability is not going to be a factor anymore.


Brenda was my guest today at Talking Stick Radio — just click on the link here and it will take you directly to the show.  Brenda just returned from a Vipassana meditation retreat where she spent 10 days in silence.

First she talked about the movie she watched, “Dharma Brothers,” and how that inspired her to look into this whole idea of going on a Vipassana retreat.

Next she described how everything was set up, how the days were organized, what their schedule was like.  Truly, if you’ve ever wondered what a Vipassana retreat would be like or think you might like to do this, it’s worth listening to her description.  She lays it all out pretty thoroughly — and would be happy to answer anyone’s questions about it.  People with questions can email her directly at and she’ll be happy to respond directly.

Vipassana, she said, means “to see things as they really are.”  What you see “as it really is” is yourself.  The ten days is about looking at yourself, for what you really are.

Every night during the ten days of silence they watched a video, taped in 1991, called a “discourse,” where the originator of Vipassana does some teaching.  Some of the information shared during the discourse was about pain and suffering — what causes human pain and suffering?

There are two causes:  craving and aversion.

Craving:  I want more of something — I want more money, more time, more sex, more love; I am desirous of something I don’t have.

Aversion: I hate what I have — I hate my addictive behavior, I hate the people I did my addiction with, I will never, ever, ever do that again.  I hate myself for having done that.

Vipassana teaches that we don’t have to experience craving or aversion; so how do we avoid them?  How do we avoid pain and suffering in our lives?

The crux of Vipassana teaching:  the nature of everything is that nothing stays the same; everything changes.

So for the first three days they focused on breathing.  No particular form of breathing is needed; just breathe.  Notice the breath.  Is it cool?  Warm?  When is it cool or warm?  Does the breath go in the left nostril only and go out the right nostril?  Notice everything about the breath.

On day four they focused on the body; scan the body, head to toe, with no judgment.  Is there pain?  Is there “gross” sensation like pain?  Is there “fine” sensation like tingling?  Feel each place in the body and notice whether it’s a gross sensation or a fine sensation, and just notice it without judging.  Just observe it.

She has been able to take this tool into her everyday life, now, and it’s become second nature to her.  For example, let’s say someone comes to her house and says “why are there water stains on your dishes?”  Rather than getting angry or focused and obsessed on why did she say that?!!!, Brenda is now able to make note of it, observe it, and know “this too will change.”  She can let it go, that way.  She knows that even pain doesn’t last forever.  When she noticed her pain in her body, the next time she noticed it, it had changed — it wasn’t there, it was different, it had changed.  Nothing stays the same.

Brenda prides herself on being a good observer of people, and she noticed that on day 8 there were a few more tear-stained eyes than on previous days, and she could feel it:  there was rising tension, a prison riot in the air, among these people who were not allowed to speak to each other and who had been completely silent for the 8 days previous.  A release needed to happen.

And it did.   Some guy (wouldn’t you know it would be a guy) farted, and another guy snickered, then another, then the younger girls started giggling — or perhaps they were tittering — and then the whole group, men on one side, women on the other, erupted in wave upon wave of laughter.  One wave of riotous laughter would crescendo, like tidewaters…then recede…and crescendo again…and recede again…until eventually it all died down and the release and clearing were complete, and the tension dissipated completely.  When they were able to speak freely to one another, they all agreed this was a necessary and very helpful event.

What’s one thing that she’s most proud of herself about, from this experience?  The fact that she did it, for one thing — she accomplished this being in silence for 10 days, and didn’t back out; also, that she let go of control, and went and participated in the experience.  She let someone else take care of the kitties and the puppies at home, let someone else take care of the house, let someone else take care of her needs while she was there, allowed herself to be away from the comforts and distractions of hearth and home and husband, and allowed herself let go of control and have the experience.

Brenda would like to come back on the show after some more time passes and reflect a little more on how this is working for her in her everyday life.  I think that’s a great idea, so I’ll have her back on in maybe November or December.  If anyone has any questions for her during that upcoming show, she’d be happy to take them — or now, if anyone has anything, comments, questions, feedback — she’d be happy to respond at her email address above.

I so appreciate Brenda’s sharing!  I’d invite anyone with a comment to reply below.


Edit: Brenda emailed me today with the news that S.N. Goenka, who created Vipassana meditation, passed away late Sunday night, September 29, 2013.

Talking Stick Radio for 9/21/13: Clearing…changing…gone!


Clearing.  Changing.  What was once Major in our lives…is now…suddenly…gone.

And the amazing thing?  We can hardly remember it was even *there*.  It’s not that we don’t miss it anymore…it’s that we can’t even remember it anymore!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I talked about the symbolism of the tree, being this “big huge thing” at the park next to my house for so long, this five-foot-diameter, 100-foot-tall tree that “has always been there” in my life for the past ten years.  And now, it is not.  And, what’s more…what will take its place?  We’re down to bare ground now that’s been filled in and it looks like *nothing* was ever there.

What will take its place indeed.  Will weeds come in and be allowed to grow?  Will it be seeded over and grass will grow next spring?  Will the village groundskeepers plant a new tree in its place?  Will they put in a flower garden?  What will it be?

This is very symbolic to me.  What was once huge and *very there* is no longer.

I see this metaphorically in terms of systems, big systems that are gargantuan and that we expect them to be there, to be there and take care of us, things like “the health care system” or “the welfare system” or “social security” or “religion” or “the court system”, “prison system,” “justice system,” “education system,” “system of domination and control,” what have you.

The police will be there and will take care of me when I call.

The firemen will be there and will take care of me when I call.

The doctor will be there and will take care of me when I call.

What happens next…when it’s like those big systems are not there, and never were?

What takes their place, when these hierarchical systems disappear without a trace?

What I propose:  a model of collaboration and cooperation, intentionally designed, so that all possible needs are anticipated and addressed, preventing conflict before it even happens.

I propose a system of I’m doing what I love because I love to do it, and I work with people who are doing what they love because they love to do it.  I am empowered and living my truth and living my bliss because I love to do that, and I work with other people who are similarly living from their own sovereign power.

In a scenario like that, what would be the need for government?  Government would act as a facilitator.  Government would find out what people love to do, what people’s strengths are, and would put people loving to do what they love to do…where they are needed.

So the first need we have:  designing the collaborative system to address all of the needs.

Next:  empowering people to be the best person they can be in the moment.

Last:  matching the strengths with the needs.

This, then, requires a different concept of teamwork.

Up until now, we’ve thought of “teamwork” as “I join the group mindset.”  It’s like a tribe, or a commune, or a group of people who join together in a club or organization, a fraternity or sorority, or a workplace:  you have to be one of us.  You have to think like us.  You have to re-orient your Self in order to be one of us.  You have to tweak yourself a little here, add a little something-something to yourself over there…ah, now, there, that’s better.  Now you fit us.

I say this:  the new way of teamwork will be more along this line:  I am Who I Am, fully, to the greatest degree possible, and I bring all of my wisdom, knowledge, expertise, uniqueness, quirkiness, originality, fun, joy, experience, curiosity, expression, talents, skills, passion, excitement — all of that — to the table with me.  I am whole and complete in this now moment and I am able to fully express that wholeness and completeness.  I’m not trying to be anybody else, just me.  I bring my very own uniqueness here, and I express it fully.  And I wish for everybody else on my team, in my tribe, in my workplace, my club, my organization, my group of friends, to be nothing less than the whole of who they are, too!  I want everybody I interact with to bring their whole entire being to the table with them — and I want to work with them and enjoy myself doing what I love, and enjoy them doing what they love, and work…will be play!

I have actually seen this happen, rarely, during the family team meetings I facilitate.  And when I see it happen, it is always magical.  Answers that seemed so far away, so impossible to find — just float in like magic.  The right connections get made effortlessly.  This is synergy.

Things happen synchronistically, like what happened in my life yesterday — the vital piece of paperwork that we didn’t know we needed, arrived on the desk of the exact person who needed it, yesterday morning, just in time for the meeting!  If we had scheduled our meeting any sooner we wouldn’t have had it, and the person upon whose desk it arrived didn’t even know why she received it.  The right guy happened along at just the right time, found that vital piece of paperwork, and voila.  Perfect timing.

When people are working from their place of fun and enjoyment and excitement and passion, things like this — miracles — happen all the time. 

That’s the world I want to live in.  That’s the world I want to work in.

Further, I suggest that people take a serious look at the original pre-white-contact Winnebago 12-clan design.  It’s an elegant model of community collaborative, cooperative design.  I talked about the original 12 clans on the show and described some of their duties and functions and responsibilities.  As we think about what could happen as hierarchies end and it seems like *they were never even here!* — this will give us some ideas to work with to create what’s coming next.

Direct link to the 9/21/13 show:


after the show with Jean

I so appreciate Jean for sharing her life with us today, taking time out from clearing soggy boxes out of her basement to call in and talk for a while on Talking Stick Radio this morning.

Jean shared about cleansing and clearing, about the washed-out Colorado roads, about integration and how it’s not really “releasing,” but it is…and it’s not really “integrating,” but it is…it’s a simple choosing it, and allowing it…like ice melting in a glass of water.

What a beautiful metaphor; a stuck aspect is like a separated fragment of ourselves that might hurt us, we imagine, but it really won’t; it’s only an illusion.  She noticed a stuck aspect beginning to form in herself, one of “I’m not so sure I want to go to bed tonight!  What if I wake up to more bad news tomorrow like I did this morning?”…and part of herself stayed in that fear.

Like inviting the ice cube to melt into a glass of water, she invited that little frozen part of herself in…and allowed it to release itself, release the form that it was taking, to merge back in with all of who She is.

Ice melting into allowingness…rivers running out of their banks, carving new pathways down mountainsides, tearing right through old structures that seemed so safe, so solid, so reliable, so dependable, like roads built of concrete…road foundations, in places, completely gone now…and what will take their place?

We talked about the idea of “listening to yourself” and how that will be an area for more exploration.  When I’d studied mediation and conflict resolution until I thought I’d read just about everything there was to read about it, and took it all inside and worked on synthesizing it all, and wanted to understand it so deeply, so thoroughly, that I could tell a 2-year-old what “conflict resolution” was…what I came up with was one word:  listen.


Listen to the world around you.  Listen to the person who’s so mad at you, across the table from you.  Pay attention to the messages that come in to you, because they’re streaming in constantly:  can you listen?  Can you listen openly to the messages, no matter what form they take?  Maybe the messages come in the form of a bug crawling across the floor, an eagle circling in the sky, clouds in the shape of your dog’s head, a snippet of conversation overheard at Wal-Mart.

For the past ten years I’ve been asking myself:  how can I better listen to myself?  Because I could see that the message I was getting from my outer world was that I needed to listen…to me.  This is an area I’d like to explore more in the future because I agree with Jean:  this will be very important to us.

Jean kept the boxes in her basement “just in case,” she said, and even a year ago she got rid of all the boxes she’d kept “just in case we have to move out of this house.”  But more boxes took their place…and those were the ones she was carrying upstairs and out of the house for good, today.  “When we need them, we’ll have them.”

Now, that’s living in the now moment:  knowing that what I need to know, I will know when I need to know it; what I need to have, I will have, when I need to have it.  That is total and complete trust, and not living in the fear of  the past, or the fear of the future, of “will I have enough of this?  Oh, maybe I’d better save up…”

Now she has no choice:  the boxes have to go.

And with them goes the fear…replacing the fear, the New Energy that’s come in is trust in the now moment.

I released some energies myself this week and stepped into the un-knowingness of what the radio show will be…released the structure of the show, and opened myself up to Whatever Is, Is.  I told the story on air of knowing I needed to take new pictures of my talking stick, needed to do some intentional recalibration, and when I’d taken all the pictures and felt good about that, and opened up my car door to put my camera away, there was the reminder:  use your tobacco.  This is a Native process:  honor the Native way, and use your tobacco.

So I did.  I returned to the circle of the clan men sculptures and offered a little bit of tobacco in front of each one of them, expressing my gratitude for all of life, for being in this Now Moment.  Begin with gratitude.  This is the Native way.

In the Native way I was taught, Tobacco is for what you want to let go of, and Cedar is for what you want to bring in, the good things, to replace what you’ve let go of;  Sage is for clearing negativity, and Sweetgrass is for bringing in positive support from the spirit world.  When the tobacco burns, it burns out anything we release; bringing in cedar, we make tangible what it is we choose to bring in.

So now as we’re noticing what’s going, what’s clearing, what’s releasing, now as we’re taking the literal and the figurative soggy boxes out of our basements because we don’t need them anymore and really they CAN’T be there now…it’s no longer appropriate for fear in any disguise to be a part of our lives…how do we go on from here?  What replaces the fear?  What replaces broken roads, truckloads of busted cement, downed trees, piles of mud that don’t belong there?


What do we want to see created in our own lives now?

I choose balance.  I choose joy.  I choose new life, play, vigor, curiosity, and child-like simplicity.


This morning, moments before the show started, I was out walking my very big black dog around the little reservation town where I live.  Kids were everywhere…grandmas pushing grandchildren in strollers, kids on bikes over here, kids playing ball over there, kids on skateboards back there.  The four little boys on bikes wanted to pet my dog.  But they were a little bit afraid.  Actually they encouraged the littlest one on his tiny little bike to be the first to touch Kona, but it ended up none of them were brave enough to touch this big black furry dog that looks like a way overgrown teddy bear.


Right there where we stopped to let the kids on bikes meet Kona, I had to stop and take a picture of two little bitty cottonwood trees poking up through the pavement at the edge of the sidewalk.

I hadn’t seen these two little guys before, just two little cottonwood trees with trunks like a thick red thread.

This is the beginning of the New, right here.  New Energy is poking up through the most impossible little crevice, saying IT’S ME!!!  LOOK AT ME!!!  I EXIST!!!!  I AM HERE!!!!  LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL GREEN LEAVES!!!!  I LOVE THE RAIN, I LOVE THE SUN, I LOVE THE BREEZE, I LOVE THE CHILDREN, I LOVE THE DOG THAT JUST PEED ON ME…I AM!

And that’s how we go forward.  Living fully in I AM.

After the Show with Ilia Kavoukis

How do we face our fears? What do we do when there’s something really deep, dark, scary and yucky that has come up within us?

I like very much to talk about this because this comes up for all of us and it can be extremely challenging. It is always an occasion to gather one’s strength, center one’s self and set some time aside to feel and be with the feelings that come up.

I liken the work that we need to in these moments to that which we would offer to our best friend who came to us saying, “I really need someone to talk to. I need someone who will listen because I have something that I need to say out loud.” We give to ourselves what we would give to our best friend, or to a troubled teenaged son or daughter. We suspend all judgement. We don’t try to change the feelings, the truth that is emerging. We bear witness to it. We give it our level gaze of compassion and acknowledgement. In this way, we allow the deepest, darkest fears and feelings of shame to be expressed and then released.

Ilia Kavoukis, our guest on the show (, added the important point that we need to give ourselves permission to feel.  She brought the insight as well that addictions of all kinds are engaged in by us to keep ourselves from feeling our true feelings about ourselves. Ilia confessed that for her, even meditation and spirituality can be an escape from feeling. We need to ‘sit with our stuff.’ Most people believe that meditation is done to quiet the mind or still the mind’s thoughts. But before we reach that stillness, we need to first be fully present in non-judgement with the mind’s chatter and with any feelings that come up. For Ilia, the work is sitting and being present with what you are, what you’re feeling, and Talking Stick Radio adds, with what is true for you now.

I believe that ego plays a role in all of this and that ego needs to hear that it is safe.

Susan brought into the discussion the story told by Tobias ( of the snake in the road, which represents our fears, and the different ways of dealing with it. You can run from it, but then you won’t be able to move forward on your journey into wholeness and self-actualization. You can try to kill it, but you won’t be able to. You can try to ‘heal’ it or to ‘make it better’ and that won’t work either. The only way that you can really effectively engage with your fears is to acknowledge them and ask them what they have to tell you. Only in this way will you become fully sovereign and empowered.

Susan noted from her work as a mediator that when people come up with all kinds of stories about why and how and when, these are distractions from the impact of the feeling itself. BE with the feeling. Breathe and slow yourself down to the rhythm of the universe. You’ll feel it and it will feel infinitely calming and peaceful. Slow yourself down and allow yourself to fully acknowledge the feeling so that it can be fully expressed and then released. You have to go through it. The only way out is through.

So, as these feelings come up, we can go to this deep level of honesty with ourselves and this is so cleansing.

Ilia gave us a parting gem: “You have to be willing to cooperate with your own life.”




After the Show with Lisa McTavis – August 17, 2013

We began with Susan expressing how important it was for her lately to allow herself the time to do what she needed to do and chose to do. I concur heartily with that. Lisa gave a beautiful quotable line: “We are all the caretakers of our own well-being.”

Lisa shared with us that the book she has written really came from her Higher Self and she just followed along.

It begins with the idea that we’ve all been taught a huge lie that has been a part of our lives: everything good and worthwhile is outside of us. Absolutely not. It is actually totally the opposite of that: Everything that is good and worthwhile for us is within.

So the work is to get through the illusions and Lisa’s book can really help people to do that. A lot of the exercises in the book came from Lisa’s own experience working with herself and with clients. And this means that these are tried and tested exercises. Lisa’s advice about doing the exercises is to go slow and really apply the lessons and exercises to your life. She said, “They are simple, but there’s nothing about them that’s easy.”

Mistakes that we all make are part of the process of being alive. So we grow from our mistakes. We often hold unconscious fear about making mistakes… maybe I’ll lose… love, security, approval… a friend, etc.

We need to free ourselves from these unconscious fears.

Susan asked, “How do we love ourselves?” mentioning that it is a question that comes up fairly regularly on the Crimson Circle message board ( under the Community tab).

Lisa’s answer was that you break through the judgements and criticism by asking yourself, “How helpful is this?” And as you see that it isn’t actually realistic or helpful, you just let them go.

We realize that no one can do it for you; you are the only one who can actually give yourself love in any meaningful way.

Lisa said something profound again at the end of the show: “All that I need is me.” And it is only when we come to this point that we can truly feel safe, because we then do not need to rely on anyone else to affirm us, justify us, validate us…

Lisa’s book can be found at:

direct link at Balboa:
Amazon hard cover copy:

Amazon Kindle edition:



After the Show With Marisa Calvi – August 10, 2013

We had a wide-ranging discussion today. We began with talking about taking our power back from linear time and the exigencies and imperatives of linear time.

Marisa shared the importance for her of letting go of expectations of what will be done by such and such a time. “I’ll have this much money in the bank… I’ll have this job or that career… I’ll have gotten all of these errands done by 5:00 pm…”

Susan shared by example how she feels into things, feels her physical body, how her body is feeling, her emotions too, and then speaks. “Let me feel into that…”

Susan shared also that the greatest freedom that she has experienced so far is to know “that I am.”

That got us into a discussion about freedom.

I had the insight that freedom is listening to myself and acting on that truth. Marisa was sharing when I had that insight and she was touching on that herself and helped me to realized that freedom is listening to myself.

I shared that when we state our intention to free ourself or to empower ourself… for example, “I am empowering myself to become a leader in my field” we might then have fear come up, doubt, anxiety or things might happen around us that seem to be obstacles, blocks, bad luck… And speaking for myself, I’ve always thought of these emerging doubts and fears as signs of my own weakness and inability to follow through on my intention. Because of something that I heard from the Pleiadian Collective channeled through Nora Herold ( from her August 6, 2013 teleconference, I now can see these emerging doubts and fears and obstacles as opportunities to acknowledge and learn from and send love to that within myself which has been a block in the past. As I state the intention, the fear or doubt comes up because it is there to be released. When it is acknowledged and released, then I am indeed free and able to accomplish all that I have intended to accomplish or be all that I have intended to be.

Susan shared a tradition of the Lakota people of North America that says that the greatest warrior does no harm. He carries not a weapon, but a coup stick, which is a weapon transformed into a work of art as a long stick with a curved front so that it cannot harm the other. His greatest achievement is to touch his opponent with this stick without himself being harmed. Susan believes that we are coming to a time when there is no more war.

We all agreed that we are, as a collective, all of humanity, opening up to freedom and acknowledging and releasing all the blocks and barriers to freedom that still exist both within us and in our societies.

Marisa shared her view that liberation is here, but that people do not know what to do with it.

Freedom comes when we take responsibility   for our own actions and for our own experiences. Marisa shared about this, as did Susan.

The ultimate freedom for all of us, is to acknowledge and know that I am God also. We could have spoken more of this, but our time was up.

I have to say that it was wonderful talking to Marisa. She is in the process of putting the finishing touches on her latest book, written with the help of Master Kuthumi, whom she channels and draws a great deal of guidance and wisdom from. Marisa’s website, very nicely laid out and informative, is

You are God also.