Talking Stick Radio welcomes Brenda Oehlerking 9/28/13!

Brenda just returned from a Vipassana meditation retreat in Colorado where she spent 10 days in silence.  While she was there, completely shut off from the outside world, Colorado experienced disastrous flooding, which she learned about once the ten days of silence ended.

Her time there was both “wonderful” and “terrible” — all at once — and I’m so happy she’s agreed to share her stories!

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Talking Stick Radio 9/14/13 with Jean Tinder from Coal Creek Canyon

Today we welcome Jean Tinder from Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, where “water” is suddenly on everyone’s minds and in Jean’s basement.

Anyone else in the Coal Creek Canyon area, we’d love to hear from you too!  You’re welcome to call in during the show at (424) 220-1870 and update us on what’s true for YOU now!

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Talking Stick Radio for 9/7/13: Lions, Tigers and Snakes in the Road

How do you face your fears?  What do you do when there’s something really deep, dark, scary, yucky, or potentially deadly staring you down?  How do you respond?

We’ll be looking at facing fear on September 7 at 10 Central, 11 Eastern.  Join us online live, by phone at 424-220-1870, or later in the archives.

If you dare.

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Talking Stick Radio, 8/31/13: “I’m doing this *to* myself”

This week on Talking Stick Radio we will be exploring the experience of ‘I am doing this to myself’ when things happen, when we experience challenges in life…. and empowering ourselves through the realization that “I am doing this to myself…”

This extends from our conversation last week that “I am doing this for myself” when we are doing chores or something that we feel resistance to …. I am doing this for myself.  Shift the frequency and therefore shift the experience.  Take back power … from yourself!

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Talking Stick Radio for 8/24/13: “I’m doing this *for* myself”

Self-empowerment and self-liberation go hand in hand. Explore this with us on this week’s edition of Talking Stick Radio.

 Where does your motivation come from — are you motivated from within yourself, or from something or someone outside you?  And how does that work in terms of being empowered?

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Join guest Lisa McTavis for Talking Stick Radio on August 17, 2013

Lisa McTavis, LMSW, will be joining Talking Stick Radio as a guest on August 17, 2013 at 10 AM Central, 11 AM Eastern. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works at an agency as a mental health counselor.  She is the author of  a brand new book, “Journey into Loving You” and will be sharing about the book, which is based on what she learned as she stepped into the journey of loving and accepting herself and then refining the techniques as she worked with her clients.  If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “well, they TELL us to ‘love ourselves’ — but how do you DO that??!!!”…then this is the show for you!  Feel free to call in during the show with questions for Lisa at 424-220-1870 or join us live online, or in the archives.   Direct link to the show:


Marisa Calvi joins Talking Stick Radio on 8/10/13!

IMG_0704_smallMarisa Calvi, author, channel, radio host, and all-around Fun Person, joins us again to chat about who knows what.  Marisa joined us several months ago and as a result of being on our show, she said her life changed in some pretty significant ways.  She may talk about that, or she may not; she may talk about her food blog, her passion for frozen yogurt, her most recent book, or winter in Australia.  Feel free to call in live at 424-220-1870 or you can email us with a question for Marisa at  Join us and we’ll all be surprised at what we share from the heart! 

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