Talking Stick Radio for October 12/13 with Marisa Calvi!

Welcome back, Marisa!  We’ll do this show at a special time this weekend to accommodate both our schedules, since I’ll be in Nebraska and Marisa will be in a whole ‘nother time zone in Australia, with 16 hours’ difference between us.  Find us Saturday evening at 6 PM Central in the US or 10 AM Sunday in Australia at

Marisa has just had the extreme pleasure of birthing a new book into the world, Balthasar The Magus (Let’s Go For A Walk, Book Three).

Kuthumi’s human adventures continue on with his life as Balthasar the Magus – a high priest of the Zoroastrians at the time of Jesus the Nazarene. The story of Balthasar takes us deep into the heart of the ancient priesthood and their passion to birth paradise on Earth for humanity. Dreams, stargazing and eternal wisdom are brought together to begin a great excitement that this awakening would be soon upon them. As Balthasar shares with us the dawn of a new era of consciousness, he also reveals the joy of living with his soul connection and the gifts it gave to him. This included being chosen as a leader along with Gaspar and Melchior of the grand caravan that made way to welcome the birth of one of the greatest teachers ever known.

I was most intrigued right at the beginning of the book where Marisa hinted at an aspect that she integrated in the writing of the book.  She also commented at various times that this book took her four years to write — because she got stuck.  I can so relate, as a writer, to being stuck.

And then she integrated that aspect during the writing of the book, and finished the editing and publishing soon after that (or so it would seem to me, a WAY outside observer).

Since I have a few renegade aspects of my own, I’m very interested to discuss aspects, integrating them, “stuckness,” how that experience was for her, and, oh, anything else that comes to either one of our minds.

As always I’ll start the show, introduce the “talking stick” concept, and hand the “talking stick” to Marisa and she’ll speak for as long as she likes about whatever she likes.  I may ask some questions.   Marisa will probably hand the talking stick back to me a time or two.

We would love to have callers call in and ask questions, too, and we’ll give you the talking stick!  The number to call in is 424-220-1870.

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